Owner/Manager/Master Artisan II

Owner / Manager / Master Artisan II
Front Desk Manager
photo of Roza Khadir, Owner/Manager/Master Artisan II Roza Khadir
Déa Salon + Boutique
900 Mansell Rd. Suite 14
Roswell, GA, 30076 USA
(770) 650 5511

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I’m a master hairstylist with more than 15-year experience of doing hair. I enjoy living in Roswell with my two beautiful daughters and my husband. I chose to own a salon not only to take my passion for hair to the next level but also, I believe owning a business is a very effective way to be socialized and interact with local people and also contribute to the community where my family and I live. As owner of salon, my goal is to create a very relaxing environment in which each client will be heard and received a very unique, professional and satisfactory service. In addition, as employer, I try to create a healthy work environment for each employee and provide opportunities to develop each employee’s capacity and talent. As master hairstylist, I am a very good listener of my clients to achieve satisfactory result using magic art of hair.

If you are a client looking for new salon, new hairstylist or a refreshing style, I invite you to visit the salon, enjoy complementary drink and have a professional hair consultation or hair service as you wish. 

Due to Déa Salon's commitment to 5-star client satisfaction, Salon’s client roster is growing at such a rapid pace that Salon just can’t keep up with the demand and always welcomes talented hairstylists, thus if you are a hairstylist looking for a great team with good benefit to join, I’d like to hear from you.

I can be reached by phone at 770-650-5511 or directly via email deasalonboutique@gmail.com.